Evening Guided Tour


Join an evening guided tour, led by an ex-prison officer with hands-on knowledge and experience of the prison’s history, who will shine a light on what life was really like for prisoners, officers and visitors.

Taking place in the evening, means you will experience the prison during those twilight hours, soaking up over 200 years of history.

Tour Overview

Shrewsbury Prison At Night | Shrewsbury Prison Lights Out Tour | Shrewsbury Prison Night Tour

An ex-prison officer shines light on what life was like for prisoners, officers and visitors. Bringing the prison to life through a no-holds-barred tour of this historic and fascinating building:

Explore two traditional Victorian Prison wings, A Wing consists of 172 cells built to house 350 men. C Wing consist of 22 cells originally designed to house female prisoners until 1921. Wander the landing as officers did for the past 200 years and discover what it was like to be locked behind the steel doors.

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Mon-Sun: 10am-5pm