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Shrewsbury Prison boasts the title of ‘6th Dark Tourism Destination in the World.' Join our 5* rated Ghost Tours, held every Wednesday evening, where you will discover what lurks behind the high prison walls in the dead of night!

Tour Overview

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Starting at the Georgian gate lodge, your guide will transport you back to 1793 to the days of public executions, which took place on the very same gate lodge. You will learn about the treatment of prisoners during this time, and of course, the ghostly encounters that have happened over the past 200 years.

Your tour will lead you to C Wing, the former female wing, and the most haunted part of the prison. Here you will hear the stories of the ‘Grey Lady’ who walks the landings at night, and the little Georgian girl who appears on the steps of the wing.

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Shrewsbury Prison Georgian Underground Tunnel

The tour will then lead you below the Victorian prison down into the original Georgian prison*, which still exists below ground. This is where you will see the conditions Georgian prisoners would have been kept in (including the little girl), and experience total darkness as the lights go out.

*The Ghost Tour is the only tour which allows access to the Georgian prison

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Heading over to A Wing, the prison’s largest custodial wing. You will follow in the footsteps of  ‘Shadow Man’ Shrewsbury Prison’s most seen spirit. Often seen walking the landings of A Wing, you will hear about his story and the documented sightings of him.

Then it’s time for your In-Cell Experience*. Your Tour Guide will allocate you a prison cell, lit by the half-light, your cell door will be closed and you’re in your new home for the next 5 minutes. Experiencing the sound of the prison at night, you will be able to hear a pin drop and the footsteps of the Prison Officers walking the landings. For those brave enough your light will be turned off leaving you in a darkened cell.

*You can choose to do your In-Cell Experience by yourself or with your group.

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Guvernor's Office | Shrewsbury Prison Ghost Tours

Your penultimate stop is outside the Governor’s office, where you will hear about the encounter one of the production team from Holby City had with the Governor’s wife… However, the Governor’s wife died 200 years ago!

Your tour will finish outside the original Governors house, where you will be released for the night.

Shrewsbury Prison’s Ghost Tours promise to deliver a spine trembling, hair raising tour, mixing heritage, real stories and real encounters with one of The Worlds Most Haunted Prisons. As the only group within the prison in the evening, your destined for a never to forget experience.

Tip: Please dress warmly, bring a small torch, someone’s hand to hold and your wits!

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