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You are part of a criminal gang who has been convicted for the armed robbery of a number of banks. Your sentence would have been 15 years, but you gave information (snitched) on your gang leader in return for a lesser sentence of 3 years.

You have been put into The Cell in Shrewsbury Prison to serve your sentence. The only problem is your gang leader, who you snitched on, has just been sentenced to life and is going to be serving his time at Shrewsbury Prison as well. He is on his way from court to the prison and is due to arrive in 1 hour, he has paid the officers to put him in the same cell as you.

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Shrewsbury Prison Escape Room

Can you escape?

Which means in 1 hour your old boss will be joining you in The Cell, escape is now your only option.

Join this fun filled, puzzle-based game as you try to outsmart The Cell and make your way to freedom.

The Cell Escape Room is a fully immersive experience with your own prison officer, ideal for families, friends and groups and a perfect fit for beginners, intermediates and escape room first timers.

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Shrewsbury Prison The Cell Escape Room

The Cell Escape Room Experience Includes: ​​

  • 60-minute escape room in a real prison cell
  • Getting locked up by your own prison officer
  • Self-Guided Tour of Shrewsbury Prison
  • Being fully immersed into this one-of-a-kind event, where you get to do the time without committing the crime


*Please note – the escape rooms are located on the 2nd floor of A Wing, with stair-case access only.*

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