Tunnel Tours

Discover what lies beneath Shrewsbury Prison...

Our haunted Tunnel Tours are a fascinating guided tour around the Georgian part of the prison, underneath this historic Victorian building. During your tour, you will CRAWL through the tunnels to experience and be immersed in the life of a Georgian prisoner.

Starting in A-Wing exercise yard, you will hear about the tunnels that connect the jail to the railway station, now blocked in, but previously used to securely transport prisoners from the train to the prison.

Tour Overview

Shrewsbury Prison Georgian Tunnels Under Prison Wing

Going underground…

Georgian prisoners were often shipped to the “new world’ colonies in Australia and had a higher chance of survival than those left to rot in prison. Men, women and children were all locked in together, and it truly was a survival of the fittest. You will hear how it was for different classes, the lack of sanitation and the disease that was rife carried by rats, lice and fleas.

Mind your head…

This unique tour is for those who wish to experience the harshness of the Georgian penal system. Our Tunnel Tours take about 90 minutes and require being able to bend down in confined spaces and navigate ladders. This is a tour that will stay with you long after you’ve left!

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