Unforgettable Valentines Day Activities In Shrewsbury

Unforgettable Valentines Day Activities In Shrewsbury


As Valentine’s Day approaches in Shrewsbury, the quest for the perfect plans intensifies. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or seeking adventurous experiences, there are countless ways to make the day special. Let’s explore a range of ideas to help you craft a memorable Valentine’s Day in Shrewsbury, whether celebrating with a partner, friends, or enjoying self-love.


  1. Immerse Yourself in Falconry at the Falconry Centre: At the Falconry Centre in Shrewsbury, visitors can enjoy immersive falconry displays, hands-on encounters, and educational exhibits. Whether watching majestic birds of prey in flight or learning to handle them first-hand, guests of all ages are guaranteed an unforgettable experience surrounded by the beauty of the countryside. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with nature and book your visit today!
  2. Nestled in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, “The Armoury”: Epitomizes romance and culinary excellence. Its historic setting exudes intimacy, with soft lighting and cosy seating. Locally sourced ingredients form the basis of their diverse menu, offering everything from succulent steaks to inventive vegetarian options. The extensive wine list ensures the perfect pairing for every dish. With impeccable service and attention to detail, “The Armoury” promises an unforgettable dining experience for couples seeking a romantic evening in Shrewsbury. 



    Owl at the Falconry Centre, Shrewsbury

    Falconry Centre – Ian Sheppard


  3. Experience Chilling Ghost Tours at Shrewsbury Prison: For something out of the ordinary, venture along the eerie landings of Shrewsbury Prison for a chilling Ghost Tour with your loved one. Explore our prison’s dark past and mysterious atmosphere, adding a thrilling twist to your Valentine’s Day. Alternatively, delve into the prison’s intriguing history on a Guided Tour or put your skills to the test with interactive activities like the prison-themed escape room. Our prison ensures a captivating Valentine’s Day adventure!
  4. Nestled along the serene banks of the River Severn: The River Bank Bar in Shrewsbury offers a romantic setting for Valentine’s Day. With stunning views and cosy seating areas, it’s perfect location for your Valentines date!. Enjoy a selection of wines, spirits, and expertly crafted cocktails, accompanied by delicious small plates and sharing platters featuring locally sourced ingredients. Whether toasting to new love or cherishing old memories, the River Bank Bar promises an unforgettable Valentine’s experience in Shrewsbury.


Shrewsbury Prison Restaurant


As Valentine’s Day approaches in Shrewsbury, the options for a memorable celebration are plentiful. Whether it’s Falconry, Enchanted Bars, Ghost Tours, or Historic Adventures at our prison, there’s something for every romantic inclination. From immersive experiences to artisanal cocktails, Shrewsbury promises a Valentine’s Day full of romance and adventure