Shrewsbury Prison – A Popular Filming Location

Shrewsbury Prison – A Popular Filming Location


The Apprentice – Series 17

The Apprentice Candidates at Shrewsbury Prison

At the start of this year, the BBC aired its 17th series of The Apprentice which saw 18 candidates compete to become Lord Alan Sugar’s next aspiring business partner of 2023. Tasked with hosting immersive events at two of the top tourist attractions in the West Midlands, the apprentices took on the responsibility of selling tickets, booking events, and organising food and drink. You can read more about the episode in one of our most recent articles; ‘The Apprentice Candidates Battle It Out Behind Bars.’ Shrewsbury Prison was, of course one of the two top tourist attractions. During the episode viewers would have seen conversations held with CEO Joel Campbell regarding negotiations on the food options that the candidates would offer to their clients, before embarking on a rapid training session with the Events Team, where they learnt about delivering an immersive experience within Shrewsbury Prison.


Happy Valley – Season Finale

Happy Valley S3 filmed at Shrewsbury Prison

Another smash hit from the BBC, broadcasting the interior of Shrewsbury Prison to over 1 million viewers, is Happy Valley Season 3, the multi-BAFTA award winning drama, filmed at the prison in March 2022, commissioned by Piers Wenger, the Director of BBC Drama. Taking place seven years after the events of the second series, lead role Sergeant Catherine Cawood is coming close to retirement, which had the nation gripped as the series concluded its season finale.


Without Sin

Without Sin, filmed at Shrewsbury Prison

Moving away from the BBC, and over to the mini-series, Without Sin, that was shown to ITV viewers, who no doubt surrounded their televisions in anticipation during the festive season. Starring Line of Duty actress Vicky McClure and Johnny Harris, the gripping four-part series explores the relationship which develops between a grieving Mother and the man she believes murdered her daughter who was found dead at their family home. 


Celebrity Hunted

Celebrity Hunted S5 filmed at Shrewsbury Prison

Did you see any celebrities acting suspicious during July 2022? Helicopters were seen on the hunt over Shrewsbury for 10 celebrities as they made their escape from Shrewsbury Prison whilst being pursued by a team of elite hunters. The 10 celebs were taking part for Stand-Up for Cancer. The residents of Shrewsbury may have witnessed part of the escape as helicopters circled Shrewsbury Prison in pursuit of the fugitives. Some of the celebrities to star on the show were James Acaster, Ed Gamble, strictly star Katya Jones and Olympic snowboarder Aimee Fuller. The series appeared on Channel 4 and is still available to stream, Did any of the celebrities claim victory, surviving the full 14 days on the run?


Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out – Shropshire Hills

Susan Calman's Grand Day Out - Shropshire Hills

Susan Calman and her camper van Helen hit the road to find themselves amongst the stunning Shropshire hills, but how did she find escaping Shrewsbury Prison? Unlike the contestants of  Celebrity Hunted, Susan tackled one of our exhilarating prison-themed escape rooms, ‘The Cell,’ that she found particularly challenging, but we let her out on good behaviour none-the-less to embark on her next journey.


Man like Mobeen – Season 4

Man Like Mobeen Season 4, filmed at Shrewsbury Prison

It’s not about who you know, it’s about what you… But what if you know Mobeen? Well, he has just found himself within the wall of Shrewsbury Prison, so you tell us! Thursday 8th June saw BBC 3 release season 4 of Man Like Mobeen a man on a mission to befriend a gentleman known as ‘Memory Stick’ and persuade him to hand over vital information, meanwhile there’s an instant spark between him and a doctor called Nida, but jealousy strikes whilst Mobeen is in the hospital. Between who? You will have to find out for yourself!

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