Paranormal May 2022

Paranormal May 2022

Our Paranormal Investigations experienced some chilling activity this May!

A video has surfaced from Haunted Houses showing a vigil in process on C-wing. The video takes place at the bottom of the stairs near C-Wing servery. Haunted Houses are using a piece of equipment that has an antenna attached to pick up abnormalities in the electromagnetic field. Abnormalities will be indicated by a buzzing/beeping sound and the closer a spirit gets to the antenna the louder and more frequent the buzzing becomes. The group clearly ask if the spirit’s name is Pauline and in response the EMF Reader does a long high-pitched buzz as requested by Haunted Houses.

There is a light up ball featured in the video that you see rolled across the floor. It is a LED Motion Activated Flash Ball (more commonly known as a Cat Ball) which is also used to communicate with spirits. Due to the ball lighting up with movement a spirit can manipulate it in response to a question, should they wish.

C-Wing is our most haunted wing, so it is no wonder the external group had some activity here! This was formerly where woman and children would have been incarcerated in the prison until 1921, we know we have multiple female ghosts on this wing, so could the Pauline they make contact with be the little girl that is frequently spotted near the staircase?

Watch this video now!


Next up Haunted Happenings joined us for the night to try a very different method of making contact; table tipping in the Executions Room. Table tipping involves all participants standing around a table and placing their hands on it, palms down. This can be used as a communication pathway with spirits because the alphabet can be spoken, indicating placement and the table will tip to certain letters – therefore spelling out a word much like a Ouija Board.

However, something very strange did start happening when the group tried this. As Haunted Happenings were asking the paranormal to spell something out for them in the Executions Room the table started spinning on one leg, flipped itself upside-down and then finally started bashing against the names of the executed prisoners (shown on information boards on the walls surrounding the room) to identify themselves.

As spooky as it all is, we look forward to welcoming all the groups booked in in June and of course, sharing their finds with you!