Employee led career opportunities at Shrewsbury Prison.

Employee led career opportunities at Shrewsbury Prison.

A heritage led tourist attraction in the West Midlands, built in 1791, Shrewsbury Prison is one of the most unique destinations to kick start your career and be part of a flexible and inclusive, employee led company that brings the focus onto the experience and development of its employees.

Axe Throwing in Shropshire

Being part of the team at Shrewsbury Prison holds many benefits; employee discount, free lunches, 24-hour employee assistance programmes and access to a wide range of online training courses. But what does being an employee led company mean?

Our team is the front of our business, the driving force and the ones who create the happy and healthy environment that we work in daily. Giving our team a sense of ownership with their responsibilities gives them the opportunity to bring their creative ideas to life which can only benefit our prison, visitor experience and more importantly, the quality of their work life.

The benefits of a 4-day working week.

A healthy work/home life balance is imperative for us and that is why at the start of 2023 we introduced a 4-day working week. Our aim was to increase productivity and the happiness of our employees. The benefits have shown across the board. For many it has allowed them to prioritise their own goals at home, have time to switch off and overall has boosted their productivity in the workplace. We strongly believe that more companies should consider introducing a 4-day working week for the benefit of their staff and business alike.

Visitors taking part in Team Building Behind Bars at Shrewsbury Prison

Being brave and bold plays a vital role in determining our culture. Taking risks and always treading new grounds is important for the growth of our skills and our prison. We can proudly say that all our team go above and beyond for themselves, and our prison and we are proud of all that they have and continue to achieve. We love to evolve to be better, and we will never stop pushing forward.

If you are looking to kick start your career or take on a new venture, then keep an eye on the careers section on our website. The opportunities within the walls of our prison are endless.

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