Shrewsbury Prison Filming Location & Production Highlights 2023

Shrewsbury Prison Filming Location & Production Highlights 2023

A unique filming location in Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury Prison offers a unique filming location, easily accessible in the West Midlands. Our Victorian prison was decommissioned in 2013 and retains many of the features familiar to inmates today. This one-of-a-kind setting has hosted productions for films, television series, and adverts throughout 2023. We look back on the highlights of the year.

Team Building Behind Bars at Shrewsbury Prison


The BBC filming highlights

At the start of this year, the BBC aired its 17th series of The Apprentice which saw 18 candidates compete to become Lord Alan Sugar’s next aspiring business partner. Tasked with hosting immersive events at two of the top tourist attractions in the West Midlands, the apprentices took on the responsibility of selling tickets, booking events, and organising food and drink. Shrewsbury Prison was, of course one of the two top tourist attractions!

During June, Man Like Mobeen took to the TV screens and became a huge hit. Mobeen found himself behind the bars of Shrewsbury Prison for the release of season 4. His mission was to befriend a gentleman known as ‘Memory Stick’ and persuade him to hand over vital information.  Our prison wing was set up to look like a modern day, operating prison and can be recognised by many who have already visited. Many areas of the prison  were covered with prison cells housing inmates, inmates holding conversations on the wing and health care being utilised. It really brought the series and our prison to life!


Man Like Mobeen looking angry


Channel 4’s productions

Mobeen excitement may have come to an end, but how do you think you would cope with being Banged Up? Seven celebrities found out for themselves when they were locked in with ex-convicts to find out what life is like in British prisons during channel 4’s series of Banged Up. The famous faces shared cells with ex-cons who had committed crimes and served their time in the past. Contract killers and international drug-dealers were just some of the inmates on the series. Can you imagine being in that position?

Stars from the series Banged Up

Ministry Of Justice Recruitment advert

And finally, it isn’t just films and series that are produced within the walls of Shrewsbury Prison, the Ministry of Justice filmed a promotional campaign to drive recruitment within UK Prisons.

Shrewsbury Prisons future productions

The productions don’t stop there, there have been many more over the last year and we are sure there will be many more to come.

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