July 2022 Educational Newsletter

July 2022 Educational Newsletter


This July, in the run up to the holidays we had the pleasure of welcoming over 765 students through our doors in Educational Visits, with group sizes ranging from 6 to 70 students.

The visit from Reedswood E-Act primary school was such an enjoyable visit for our officers Liz and Stacey. When doing the team building exercise, the children all worked hard in their groups as they raced to work in unison to reach the finish line. No matter how competitive the children are, we always find the teachers are far more competitive. After some gentle encouragement from the children in the form of cheers, the teachers agreed to showcase their skills – the students really enjoyed this. The school children were also intrigued and captivated by all things plugging, and execution related.

During The Cell escape room, a group of children from St. Werburgh’s Primary School made Officer Liz’s moment of the month. Whilst in ‘The Cell’ one student attempted to bribe our Officer with a bag of his pocket money in exchange for his prompt and undeserved release. Officer Liz acted appalled at his attempt to ‘grease her palm’ and told him he would never be let out with that kind of behaviour, slamming the window hatch on the heavy metal door shut. At this point she heard one of the scholar’s classmates turn to him and shout, “YOU IDIOT!”

Officer Mick had the pleasure of welcoming a group of students that were out of mainstream education. His no holds barred, honest approach to a life behind bars and the dangers prisoners face at Her Majesty’s pleasure had a real impact on the students. With one student remarking “Maybe I need to rethink my career path?!”

Here at Shrewsbury Prison, we are so honoured to be able to show young people around the prison and create real, open and honest conversations about life inside, challenging pre-conceived ideas about UK prisons. In this way we strive to provoke a change in behaviour for those students that may be heading towards an otherwise negative path.

We so look forward to welcoming a new year of students come September.