Did Youtube Star, Niko Really Go To Prison?

Did Youtube Star, Niko Really Go To Prison?

Rishi Sunak will no longer serve as the nation’s prime minister. After a dismal performance for the Conservative Party, the Labour Party has triumphed in the general election.


Despite retaining his own seat, Sunak faced the humiliation of being pranked by YouTube star Niko, a fellow candidate in his Richmond constituency. Niko’s recent visit to Shrewsbury Prison saw his mug shot board humorously labelled ‘Corrupt Politician,’ leading many to speculate if this stunt was planned well in advance of the election.

Niko takes mug shot by Shrewsbury Prison height board

Shrewsbury Prison


During Niko’s prison experience, he undertook various challenges with his fellow YouTube stars from ‘The Beta Squad.’ Did he perform as impressively in these challenges as he did during the election prank? Find out here…


Many are now wondering, has Niko set himself up for another stint behind bars with this latest prank? You may also be wondering… Who is Niko?

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