A Night Behind Bars | Josie Gibson’s Shrewsbury Prison Experience

A Night Behind Bars | Josie Gibson’s Shrewsbury Prison Experience


Last month, Shrewsbury Prison welcomed a very important prisoner behind its bars. ITV and This Morning presenter, Josie Gibson, spent the night in a cell to find out what it’s like to do time in a real (former) prison!

Film crew follow Josie Gibson and Officer G


Making sure Josie stayed in line and didn’t cause a riot was ex-prison officer, Graham, who has worked at Shrewsbury Prison for over 25 years. After a tour around the ‘tourist attraction with a difference’, including the exercise yard where Josie faced a quick stint in a pillory, Josie donned a very fetching orange jumpsuit to outsmart the prison Governor and make her way to freedom from an escape room.

Later that day, prison officer Nikki introduced the true prisoner experience, handing Josie her bedding and showing her to her overnight accommodation – a cosy cell within the prison’s thick walls.

Josie Gibson walking the landing of A Wing during a Guided Tour

You’ll be pleased to know that Cat and Ben opted to release her after just the one night, and she’ll be safely back on your screens soon!

Think you could handle a whole night? Join Shrewsbury Prison for an unforgettable Night Behind Bars – a 12-hour overnight stay in a real prison, without the sentence. Grab your friends, pick a cell in A Wing, get comfortable – you’re in for the night. They promise to let you out in the morning – good behaviour permitting, of course.

Find out more and book your place on our website: Shrewsbury Prison Events

For those who don’t want to stay overnight in a cell, Shrewsbury Prison also have a packed calendar of events including heritage tours, escape rooms and family activities during school holidays.

You can find out more and plan your day out on their website: Shrewsbury Prison Activities