Once upon a time....

In 2013 the ministry of Justice closed 7 prisons, including Shrewsbury Prison and Shepton Mallet Prison the oldest working prison in the country.


Spotting a unique opportunity and concerned that the history of these fantastic buildings would be lost or developed into modern housing, Joel Campbell, (founder of The Campbell Group of Companies), made a bid to purchase these prisons with a vision to develop them into world class heritage attractions.


Taking over Shrewsbury Prison in 2015 and Shepton Mallet Prison in 2017, both prisons are recognised to deliver the world’s most interactive prison tours. Offering our visitors an authentic Georgian, Victorian and modern-day prison experience, led by ex-prison officers with a wealth of experience and time ‘served’.


Over the past 5 years the team have breathed fresh life back into these historic and heritage buildings, which after their closure were left to deteriorate. Visitors are now able to take full advantage of the fantastic facilities and experience first-hand ‘life behind bars’.

You can take part in a wide range of tours, events, activities, team building days and private hire opportunities. Our offering is a completely unique experience, encouraging, educating and enthusing visitors to come back time and time again.

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