From the moment your students step through the giant oak prison gates, and hear them clang shut behind them, they’ll know that they are in for a truly immersive experience.

Crime and punishment will be naturally covered in the tour, our ex-prison officers inspire pupil’s curiosity to know more about the history and to recognise what it was like to be incarcerated from the Victorian era to the modern-day.


  • Group 19 Tailor Made Programmes
  • Group 8 The Tour
  • Mini Cell Escape
  • Group 12 Mini Team Building
  • Group 9 Q&A
Shrewsbury Prison Primary School Trips

Tailor Made Programmes

Guided tours are included in all school trips; additional activities can be added to suit pupils learning requirements.

The Tour

The day trip involves a tour of the Victorian prison, the aim of which is to show pupils first-hand what life inside a prison is like and to showcase the prisons history. The experience is an hour and half and starts in reception where prisoners were processed, and takes in the wings, the cells, exercise yards, healthcare and the execution room.

Mini Cell Escape

Pupils will be split into groups, placed into cells and given an allotted time to escape using puzzles and clues.

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Primary School Trips Shrewsbury Prison

Mini Team Building

Your pupils will be split into groups to complete the following games:

  • Secret Whispers: Pupils must communicate messages to each other using actions only.
  • Walking the mile: Trust your fellow pupils to guide their group through different obstacles.
  • Prison mattresses: Using only 2 prison mattresses pupils must get from one side of the room to the other without stepping on the floor.


Ex-officers can cover crime and punishment and law and the justice system. The ex-officer’s prison experience is invaluable and offers a truly unique insight.

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