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During the construction in 2019 at Shrewsbury Prison, it seemed to have disturbed our resident spirits and stirred up lots of paranormal activity.

On Wednesday 19th February, Lauren (our site manager) had closed the Prison for the night, turned off all the lights and made sure all doors were locked before leaving the premises.

Around 11.15pm that night two of our staff happened to walk past the prison on their way home from the town centre and noticed that there were two lights shining in the darkness in the morgue corridor.

The staff members thought they had both better go and investigate. Nervously they entered the prison using the lights of their phones; as they arrived in the corridor the lights went out, and there was no sign of anybody there. Chilling!!!

We also appear to have a spook that likes playing tricks on the team . When staff opened the site a couple of days later, A-Wing 1’s floor was completely clear and ready for our first customers of the day. Five minutes later retracing their steps they found a tea-towel on the floor. It was old and certainly not one of the ones that are currently used. Where did it come from? How did it get there?

Spooky Happenings at Shrewsbury Prison

To round off our paranormal happenings ,in the same week, our resident electrician had changed some of the light fittings on C-Wing 2’s. Having left the bulbs in cell 203 (the prisons most haunted cell), Lauren went to retrieve them. After collecting the bulbs and making her way to the to the top of the stairs ready to head back to the lower levels, Lauren was pushed from behind, sending the bulbs flying and smashing to the floor. Who was the guilty?

Could this be the same spirit reported to have pushed numerous people down the stairs?

Working in a haunted prison is not like a normal job, each day we come in to work wondering about the next encounter We will keep you informed!

In the meantime, we would love to hear from you if you have had any spooky experiences on your visit to Shrewsbury Prison.

Sandra – Customer Sales Advisor, Shrewsbury Prison

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