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Prison Lockdown - Week 3

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Good morning or good afternoon.

I hope you and your families are in good health! We are now into week 3 of #lockdown, where is the time going? I found the first week VERY slow but since then time has flown by. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not? How are you all finding it?

Technically the Easter Holidays have started, so we are giving the kids a break from home ed and letting them relax, watch TV and play video games, which they are very much enjoying. With this lovely sunny weather, we have plenty of opportunities to go into the garden and play football. Their skills are definitely improving, and I love being able to play the game with them (I do go easy on them, but shh don’t tell them that!). We count ourselves very lucky to have a garden.

Being at home means I have time to do jobs around the house. My partner and I spent the weekend redecorating our bedroom and two of our kids’ rooms. It is really great to to have the time to do these things. As in the last couple of weeks I am still able to pop to the #prison every couple of days to check all is OK. So far, so good.

Like most of the country, I’m eagerly awaiting a government update on how much longer this lockdown will last. Although I would love it to end this week, I do have a feeling that it won’t. We will continue to be positive and take every day as it comes.

I’m super excited to get back on site and see everyone. Is it weird to miss a prison?

Until next week guys, as always, stay safe.

Lauren, Site Manager at Shrewsbury Prison

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