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Prison Lockdown - Week 6

Hey guys,

I have had a bit of writer’s block with this week’s blog. Life has become repetitive which sometimes makes it hard to focus on the positive. Having said that, despite being at home, and in lockdown there have been some very positive moments to my week.

Over the weekend, I got a mountain of things done that I have been putting off for far too long! I cleaned the car, it was honestly so muddy and dirty you couldn’t tell what colour it was! I filled an entire bag of rubbish, but I guess that’s a perk of having kids right? The only thing we couldn’t do is retrieve my eldest’s ‘ring of power’ that got lost down one of the seats. We can see it, but just can’t fit our hand down to reach. Any suggestions?

We finally started on the back part of our garden, it’s something that we have been meaning to do for ages, but never had the time. There were loads of old tree branches that needed cutting down - it was actually very therapeutic, apart from the moment I took a chunk out of my finger and bled all over the place; no pain no gain, right?

We still have a long way to go but we are definitely seeing progress. We are hoping to turn the area into a vegetable garden, something we all really want to do. It’s just a shame the rest of the week has been hit by all this rain! Although, I don’t know about anyone else, I kinda missed the rain.

Well guys that is it for this week, I hope you have all been productive.

As always, stay safe and don’t let the rain dampen your spirits.


Site Manager at Shrewsbury Prison


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