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Prison Lockdown - Week 5

Hi Guys,

I hope you are well and keeping sane! With the live broadcasts that we have been doing at the prison, I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you (as promised) some of my paranormal experiences on site.

Before I started working at the prison, I didn’t really think much of paranormal happenings. I never really believed in ghosts. Now, I’m still not 100% sure. I wouldn’t go as far to say that I believe in the paranormal but I am now very open to the idea and hey a lot has happened that can’t be explained. I absolutely loved doing the live videos at the prison and it was great to see you watching and commenting. I’m going to tell you about 2 particular moments that that have really stuck with me.

When my first experience happened I had just started my new role as Shrewsbury Prison Site Manager. I had booked in a late-night tour for a scout group. Keith (one of our fabulous tour guides and ex prison officer) led the tour, and I decided I would accompany him. On the 2nd landing, I saw a shadowy figure walking across the floor above. Now, at the time we were closed to the public so everyone in the building was on this tour. My immediate reaction was that ‘oh my god! I’ve locked someone in’. So I ran up to the floor above and there was no one there. I’m convinced I saw somebody. It was a man, a tall stocky man. I could see him clearly.I now believe this was the ‘Shadow Man’ a spirit that roams A wing. This is the point when I started to question everything.

My second experience is more recent. I was changing some bulbs by the execution room, and I started to take the used bulbs out of the prison to dispose of. I went via C – Wing; I walked down the metals stairs closest to the execution room. Suddenly, as I was walking down them, I felt a forceful shove in my back. I went flying dropping the bulbs which smashed to smithereens . Luckily, I was ok, but very confused about what had happened. What or who pushed me? There was no one around. This set of stairs have actually seen quite a few female members of staff pushed down them. I guess I was just next on the list for whatever force was inflicting this. I can assure you that now I hold on tightly as I go down these stairs!

What do you think of these experiences?

I’d love to hear yours...

Until next time guys, Stay Safe 🙌🌈

Lauren, Site Manager at Shrewsbury Prison


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