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Prison Lockdown - Week 4

Week four - Easter

Hello All,

Wow, this is the start of the fourth week since lockdown started. What have you been doing to pass the time?

I have been trying to stay in routine as best I can. I’m generally someone who heavily relies on routine to keep a level head, so I’ve found slipping out of it every so often has not done me any favours! However, I’m working towards keeping myself busy and in a very structured routine, well, as structured as I can with everything going on. Even if you aren’t working from home, sticking to a routine is really good for you. I try to get up every morning at a similar time and start and finish work at the same time (as if a normal day). This definitely helps to keep me focused and allows me to structure my day. I tend to work in the mornings, and spend the afternoon with my kids, playing football and other games. This enables me to split up the day and not get bored.

The one thing I have been struggling with is exercise. I take my dogs out once per day as stated by government outlines, but it isn’t enough for me. I usually go the gym 2/3 times per week. I have tried looking up fitness work outs, and we have been doing PE with Joe on school mornings, but I still have that restless feeling. What have you guys been doing to stay fit?

Easter Sunday has passed; we had a lovely day with chocolate eggs and a fantastic Sunday roast cooked by my partner. We finished the day off with Lord of the Rings and a fire outside in the garden. I usually spend Easter with my family, so it was very odd just being the 5 of us.

I am still going to the prison, of course. I’ve been finding ways to have a bit of fun whilst I’m there. I recently did a video where I ran into one cell and out of another! It was a very odd experience. You can find the video on the Shrewsbury Prison Facebook page. Our CEO recently did a live video on the Facebook page too which followed our live CCTV - lots of strange paranormal activity going on! There will be another live video on Wednesday 22nd at 9pm, I hope you can join us. I have always found the paranormal world so strange, in a good way! I never even knew it existed until I started working at the prison. Since then I have had some strange experiences and met some fantastic people.

Stay tuned for next week’s blogs where I will be sharing some of my experiences.

Until then, as always, stay safe and keep smiling.

Lauren, Site Manager at Shrewsbury Prison


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