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Prison Lockdown - Week 2

Hi Everybody,

Well, week 1 is over. I don’t know about anyone else, but it has definitely felt like a long week! I, like many people, are eagerly awaiting the next government announcements on how long we will be in lockdown. Hopefully not too long!

Whilst we wait, life must go on as normal as possible. My partner ventured out to the supermarket a couple of days ago and said it was very surreal, with social distancing tape everywhere and only a limited number of people being let in and out at a time. It’s a very different world we are living in right now. Thankfully though, all the shelves were well stocked. How are you getting on with the weekly food shop?

I, finally, found the best place to work from home - at my dining table by the window. It has just the right amount of light; I sit on an upright chair so I don’t get back pain and its right next to the kitchen so there is easy access for snacks (too easy?!) I work whilst my kids do their home ed work led by my partner. We take it in turns to play our favourite songs through Alexa. To my surprise, I’m very much enjoying working on maths with Blake (my 7-year-old); he is doing a great job and applying himself well.

Lauren - Site Manager

It’s been really great having meetings with some of the guys at work. We use a system called Zoom or Facebook, so we can all see each other. I met with Chrissii (the Ops Director) a couple of days ago - somehow she managed to add a filter to her face, it was very amusing!

I’ve been enjoying visiting the prison every couple of days, however, it is getting very spooky! I know the building is empty right now, but it feels more deserted than normal, as though even the ghosts have packed up and gone home! It’s very quiet, you can almost hear your own heart thudding. It is great though, to have a good walk around. it may sound silly to some that I miss the prison, but it's oddly somewhere I feel right at home.

Working from home is definitely keeping me busy. There is always lots to be getting on with, from risk assessments, to booking forms. I hope you are all adapting to home working. Honestly, my favourite part is being able to cuddle my dogs whenever I want to.

Still remaining positive, and counting down the days until we open

Stay safe

Lauren, Site Manager at Shrewsbury Prison

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