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Prison Lockdown - Week 12

A few more weeks have passed, a few rules have been relaxed, and more shops, places of work and schools are starting to reopen. Whilst the prison might not be one of them just yet, we too have been working on ways to reopen safely, and with a few new exciting things too!

We had a concerning time in the house in early May after a couple of people who had shown symptoms tested positive in my mother’s place of work. As we live together, we did have to think about what we would do if we had to isolate entirely.

Thankfully after tests were done, the majority of staff and resident tests were negative. Never one to conform, my mother’s first test came back as void, so we did have to wait a little longer.

Always being keen to be busy during the past two months, I have continued painting. I don’t think there is a room in the house that has not seen a lick of paint. Both bathrooms have been completely re-decorated, several other walls, ceilings and windowsills painted, and a number of small touch-ups done.

Our back garden is no exception. The trusty garden gnome and heron have not escaped the attention of the paint brush and some leftover paint. They deserved a little sprucing for keeping such a good eye on my herbs and the raspberry bush.

Certain DIY stores and garden centres were reopened fairly recently, which meant that I could be sent out to fetch even more paint as well as a much needed shower curtain pole. After showering very carefully for 2 months after the old pole gave up, we can now shower with reckless abandon!

The main thing left to do is wallpaper the stairs, but I’m not sure I am quite brave enough to do this alone, nor do I have the advantage of height. This may have to wait until I can obtain an extra pair of hands and someone much taller than I to help.

With more time being permitted outside, my walks have become a little more adventurous, exploring some new areas and obtaining even more stings and scratches from the nettles and brambles.

I find the best time to go for a walk around here is about 6pm; I rarely see other people, just a few dog walkers, and the heat is starting to ease at this time of the day. Even walking here in Shepton Mallet up to the tunnels on Windsor Hill or to the viaduct, I have seen surprisingly few people around these popular landmarks at this time of day.

Looking forward, there are also a few things coming up soon which I am excited about. One of these will be the socially distant birthday in a friend’s front garden later in the month. How exactly we will go about this I am not sure, but there is plenty of time to plan ahead!

Felicity - CSA at Shepton Mallet Prison


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