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Lockdown Life - Lisa

Since the beginning of lockdown, I have been finding it hard to keep my work and home life separate as they've become one. I live in a very small welsh cottage and there isn't a lot of room for office chairs or desks. I started off working from a pop-up lap tray on my bed but this wasn’t the most productive set-up, sat in bed with my pyjamas on. So, my first ‘lockdown project’ was clearing my dressing table of all my clutter and using my ancient Windsor chair from the living room as a desk chair. Despite feeling very accomplished at this minor feat, it didn’t last long as I ended up with backache after about 4 hours. I don’t know how the Victorians managed without Ikea office chairs. So I’m writing this in bed.

Over the course of the last 43 days (not that I'm counting) I have completed everything on the stereotypical lockdown to-do list:

· Dyeing/Cutting your own hair – I decided to give myself an undercut with my partners beard trimmer (do not recommend) and dye my hair. The haircut went better than the hair dyeing, I couldn’t source gloves (who knew during a global pandemic) and dyed everything in existence a pinky red colour including my, towels, pillowcase, face, neck and chest. I convinced myself I’d had a terrible allergic reaction to something the next morning!

· DIY – I moved into my house just over a year ago and still hadn’t stained the pine book shelves my dad had made about 8 months ago. Lockdown has finally given me the reason to stain and wax them, which I did outside in the glorious sunshine and enjoyed! I did a lovely before and after photo for Instagram and decided I should apply for a job on the next season of DIY SOS.

· Start baking - During my time at Uni I used to stress bake whenever I felt a bit worried about exams or essays, I would bake incessantly. I feel like I'm falling back into that since lockdown (much to my partners delight). It had probably been like two years since I baked a cake but now I’m making cakes, scones, brownies, shortbread and even created my own recipe game - ‘Cupboard Cake’ (you just make/flavour your cake with things you find in the back of that kitchen cupboard you never look in).

· Photography – I have tried to take a picture a day to post on Instagram summing up my daily experiences during lockdown, I have managed most days so far (90% of them have been cakes or cats though). It’s been good having something creative to focus on once a day, routine is something that has become more fluid for me during lockdown.

· Follow an exercise routine – During the April heatwave I was out every day taking my 60 minutes of exercise, I am lucky to live by a few public footpaths. This has become more sporadic over the last 2 weeks as I’m definitely a fair-weather walker. I have stuck to doing a workout routine every other day though and I hope to continue with this as I’ve actually begun to see some results.

· Virtual Pub quizzes-I have hosted and been a part of a few Virtual Pub Quizzes and highly recommend them. They’re a great way to connect with family and friends and some questions have led on hilarious tangents. The only part that stumped me was having to find a pen and paper, as it turns out I don't actually own any.

· Write a novelI used to love writing but fell out of practice since graduating, so I’ve struggled with this one the most. I thought trying to write for an hour day was a realistic goal, but I've definitely not stuck to it. I did get back into reading, so that’s something.

· Watch Tiger King on Netflix I think it’s amazing to have a series that so many people have watched during the same time frame and reacted to in such a huge way. It’s everything!

Some days have been harder than others and sometimes I feel a bit useless but staying home is the best thing to do for everyone right now. I think everyone has dealt with Lockdown in their own way and this has just been my experience so far.

Lisa - Financial Director, The Campbell Group, Shrewsbury prison, Shepton Mallet prison #shrewsburyprison #sheptonmalletprison #financialdirector #prison #lockdown

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